Roots Thailand

Jongeren geadopteerd vanuit het herkomstland Thailand die op zoek willen gaan naar hun roots worden aangeraden contact op te nemen met FIAC dewelke de jongere zal begeleiden bij zijn/haar zoektocht, rekeninghoudend met de richtlijnen van de bevoegde Thaise overheid, het Child Adoption Center. Deze richtlijnen worden hieronder vermeld. 

Thailand heeft de intentie om 2-jaarlijks 'the Nativeland Visit ' te organiseren. In 2019 organiseren zij voor de 9e keer deze bijeenkomst, dit zal doorgaan van 5 tot 14 juli in Bangkok (deel 1: van 5 tot 10 juli) en het noordoosten van Thailand (deel 2: van 11 tot 14 juli). Doordat zij ook de 40e verjaardag van het Child Adoption Center vieren in 2019 nodigen zij naast de Thaise geadopteerden en adoptiefamilies ook de professionelen van de adoptiesector uit om aanwezig te zijn gedurende de vermelde periode.  

Het volledige programma van de Nativeland Visit kan worden opgevraagd bij FIAC indien interesse. Er is mogelijkheid om tussen deel 1 en deel 2 te kiezen om deel te nemen, alsook kan het volledige programma (deel 1 én 2) worden bijgewoond. Op het programma staat o.a.: bezoek aan verschillende kindtehuizen, ecologische en culturele excursies, historische excursies, sportwedstrijden,... . 



Child Adoption Center THAILAND

Guidelines for Post Adoption Service

  • Birth Relative Contact

“Who am I ?” “How am I different from my parents?”
Many adopted children and adults desire or even need information about their birth family or to reconnect with birth relatives. This desire in no way reflects upon adoptive family relationships or the quality of parenting that adopted children received.
Teenagers who were adopted at any age may experience identity confusion as they confront the primary questions of adolescence

  • What we do?

• Follow up the progressing and development of the adoptee after adoption
• Root Search
• Provided assistance for the adoptee and adoptive families
• Support and enhance knowledge of the adoptive families
• Preservation of documents
• Revocation of Adoption and after support

  • Purpose of Root Search

The right of the child to obtain information about his or her origins derives from the right to know his or her biological parents. [Article 7(1) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.]
When a family search is requested by a domestic adoptee or an overseas adoptee or adoptive parents or by birth family. Child Adoption Center will perform fair and impartial. Ensure transparent adoption records, while protecting the mutual trusts, and the rights of the adoption triad.

  • Who has right to request for search…

A. Adoptee
1. Between the age of 10 and 18 years : Request with adoptive parents’ agreement .
2. 18 years and over : Direct request.
3. However, age restriction will not be taken into consideration if an adoptee is under a serious physical or mental condition and there is a diagnosed from a doctor, psychologist or social worker on behalf of adoptee to improve the adoptee’s health condition ( in this case : doctor’ s medical report, psychologist or social worker’s notes is required).

B. Adoptive Parents
1. For the adoptees under 10 years, the birth family search may be requested only when in need of a serious physical or mental treatment
2. ( doctor’s medical report is required )

C. Birth Family
A biological parents who giving consent to adoption are able to start searching for an adoptee with special reasons, such as biological parents in serious health condition, biological parents which bequeath to adoptee.
Notice : If the birth parents have passed away, the adoptee’s immediate family, siblings and relatives in this order may apply to be in contact with the adoptee ( a written proof of the evidence of relationship to the adoptee should be submitted )

  • Search Request Process Case A & B

1. Adoptees or adoptive parents who live overseas may request a birth family search from the central authority of the adoptive country or their cooperating agencies, or request through the Child Adoption Center of Thailand or the adoption agencies in Thailand.
2. Adoptees or adoptive parents who live in Thailand may request a birth family search only from the Child Adoption Center.

  • Required Documents Case A & B

- Copy of adoptee’s Thai passport
- Copy of adoptee’s Thai birth certificate
- Copy of adoptee’s Housing Registration
- Copy of “Child’s Background to be adopted”
- Photo of the adoptee (taken within the last 6 months)
- Other related documents and pictures from the original adoption that might help with the birth family search

  • Search Request Process Case C and Required documents

Birth family may submit a request to search for an adoptee to Child Adoption Center if information is sufficient.
Required Documents :
- Copy of ID card and Housing Registration
- Documents which prove family relation to the adoptee ( e.g. family registration record )
- Other useful information or pictures from the time of adoption that may help with the search for an adoptee

  • Reconnection

​- When an adoption triad (adoptee, adoptive family, or birth family) requests contact or connection, Child Adoption Center and the adoption agencies should provide consultation and information including the cultural information of the respective country.

- The location for the initial reconnection shall be provided by the Child Adoption Center / relevant adoption agency and a post-adoption services worker should be present.
- If an adoption triad (adoptee, adoptive family, or birth family) wishes to maintain contact or continue reconnection, it shall be done through the Child Adoption Center or adoption agency.